BigPig Outdoor's Tracking Workshops

These tracking workshops are about "doing work". Building skill in tracking requires practice, called "dirt time", and that will be the focus of the Tracking Workshops. We will hit the ground running with no classroom time, just hands on practice and structured drills guided by two experienced trackers.  Mantracking, animal tracking and reading sign.

If you have skills, this is a great place to keep them up and share them with others. If you are new to tracking, this is a great place to learn the basics and beyond. 

Gear: Appropriate clothing and footwear for conditions

          Measuring tape

          Pen or pencil



Location - Harrison Branch Boat Ramp

                  Directly across from : 5033 Calderwood Highway

                                                    Tallassee, TN 37878

Registration by email:

Andrew Herrington - Wildlife Ranger

                                 Professional hunter/trapper

                                 Former Backcountry LE Ranger

Operational and Instructor Experience -  

National Park Service - Resource cases, search and rescues, & manhunts                                                                                       
FBI - Scout during Eric Rudolph manhunt

Tactical Tracking I Instructor - KY State Swat Team 2012  - VITALE

Tactical Tracking II Instructor - Ky State SWAT Team 2013 - VITALE

Over sixteen years experience as a professional trapper and hunter

Operational Tracker - N.A.T.S. - 2015
Expert Trapper Certification - Fur Takers of America 1998
Animal Tracking - Charles Worsham 2002
Advanced Animal Tracking - Charles Worsham 2003
Mantracking - Charles Worsham 2003
Advanced Mantracking - Charles Worsham 2003
Tactical Tracking I - David Scott Donelan 2010
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center - Tactical Tracking -Pat Patten 2010
Tactical Tracking I - VITALE - Mike Hull 2011
Search and Rescue Tracking - Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services 2011
Law Enforcement Tracking  - Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services 2012
Advanced Mantracking - Rob Speiden Natural Awareness Tracking School 2013

Dr. Ken Miller -

SAR Organization Affiliations

Knoxville Volunteer Rescue Squad -  Cave-Vertical, Water
Rescue, Wilderness Search, Heavy Rescue/State Urban Search and Rescue Task
Force 3, and Disaster Medical.

Civil Air Patrol Tennessee Wing Staff.   Health Services Officer and Ground Team

Search and Rescue Tracking Institute (SARTI).  Former member/ Operational Tracker.

Black Diamond Search and Rescue Council - At Large Member.  Former At Large
Board Member.   Field Team Leader (FTL) and Field Team Sign Cutter (FTS) Certified by Virginia Department of Emergency
Management (VDEM).

Tennessee Special Response Team-A (a volunteer K9 SAR Team with nationally certified Air Scent, HRD [including water] and Disaster
canines) as a Walker, Tracker and Medic.

FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Tennessee Task Force 1.  Medical Manager.

Charter Member of Appalachian Professional TrackingGroup, Medical Officer                                  

Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services (JHPTS) Tracker.

Blount County Rescue Squad.   

Frederick Co VA Sheriff’s Office Tracking Team Member 

Pertinent Certification

National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR)   SARTECH II 2003  SARTECH I 2006   
Civil Air Patrol Ground Team Leader 2005 National GSAR Advanced School, Camp Atterbury, IN                          
VDEM Field Team Leader Feb 2007            Recertified 8 Nov 2009, December 2012                                                                
VDEM Field Team Sign Cutter Jul 2005      Recertified 7 Jun 2008, Aug 2010                                           
​VDEM Managing Land Search Operations 2009                                                                      
JHPTS Certified Basic Tracker 2008                                                                                                                           
JHPTS Certified Apprentice Tracker  2010                                                                                                                   
NCRC Cave Rescue
Operations Course, Level I 2004                                                                                                                  
Rope Rescue Technician NFPA 1670/1006 (Certified by Peak Rescue/AMSAR)  2005                                   
Confined Space Operations/Level 1 NFPA 1670/1006  (Certified by University of Tennessee)  2009
Trench Rescue Technician NFPA 1670  Level 2 (Certified by University of Tennessee) 2009                                 
Rope Access Technician, Level 1 (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians-SPRAT)   2010                                     
Swift Water Rescue Technician  (Certified by Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads-TARS)  2006                     
Amateur Radio License, Technician  2004                                                                                      
ICS: 100,200,300,400,700,800,809

​Medical Certification

MD, Licensed in TN                                                                                                                               
Wilderness First Responder 1999
Tennessee First Responder-National DOT First Responder                                                                                                              

Wilderness Advanced Life Support, CPR, ACLS, PALS, ATLS, ABLS                                               
HK International Tactical Medic Course(40 hours)
2004 Practicing Tactical Medic Anderson Co TN SWAT   
Tactical Combat Casualty Care Provider (16 hours) National Association for Emergency Medical Technicians

FEMA Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) Medical Team Training  (32 hours)  
FEMA Tennessee US&R Task Force 1 Medical Manager                                                                                     
National Disaster Medical System (NDMS), Tennessee-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team                        
TN-1 DMAT Physician since 2003, Deputy Chief Medical Officer 2013.

Related Training Courses

US Army Medical Field Service School  1972                                                                                                                                  
TEMA Managing Search Operations (40 hours) 2003                                                    
National SAR School Inland SAR Planning Course (40 hours) 2003                                                                                 
AFRCC Search Management Course (20 hours) 2004                                                                                     
VDEM Managing Land Search Operations (40 hours) 2009 
TEEX/DHS/FEMA Wide Area Search Course (24 hours) 2010                                                                             
VDEM Lost Person Behavior-Robert Koester (16 hours) 2010                                                                                                  
North Carolina SAR Dog Association Canine SAR Seminar (40 hours) 2003                                                
TEMA Basic Visual Tracking Course, Pickett state Park (24 hours) 2000                                                                                          
TEMA Advanced Visual Tracking Course, GSMNP (24 hours)2000                                                                                                    
National Park Service Visual Tracking and Booby Trap School (40 hours) 2004                 
Tennessee Mountain Rescue Course(40 hours) Ranger Bobby Harbin   1993                                                 
Rainier Mountaineering School (RMI) Mountaineering and Crevasse Rescue Course (4 days) 1998      
​Cave Rescue Operations and Management Level I Course  (8 days-100 hours)  NCRC 2004                               
Confined Space Technician Course NFPA 1670 (40 hours) American Emergency Response Training  2008    
Confined Space Operations Rescue Course/Level 1 NFPA 1670/1006 (24 hours)  2009                                               
Trench Rescue Technician NFPA 1670 Level 2 Course (40 hours)  2009                                                               
Rope Access Technician Course (40 hours) SPRAT  2010                                                                              
Aviation Rescue Seminar (2 hours)  TARS  2004                                                                                                    
Swift Water Rescue  I Course (40 hours)  TARS 2006                                       
​Swift Water Rescue II Course (40 hours)  TARS 2006                                                                                 
Dive Rescue International-Med Dive Course (20 hours)  2007                                                                  
Forensic Anthropology Course (16 hours) University of Tennessee Forensic Anthropology Center  2007                          
Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology Workshop (17 hours) Radford University Forensic Science Institute             
Crime Scene Preservation Course (16 hours)  VDEM 2010                                                                                    
Orienteering Course Smoky Mountain Field School-Cades Cove, GSMNP  (14 hours)                                         
​Practical Field Application of GPS and GIS (8 hours) Society of American Foresters  2002                                           
​GPS and US National Grid [USNG]   (8 hours)  FEMA Urban Search and Rescue  2008



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