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Land Navigation  

This is the fundamental class that builds the foundation for wilderness travel 

  • Reading and interpreting topographic maps
  • Terrain association
  • Compass selection and use
  • Route planning for on and off-trail adventures
  • Determining location using UTM coordinates
  • Integrating GPS and smartphone apps 
  • Navigating off-trail
  • 1:6 instructor to student ratio

This course will be taught in the field, while navigating to points off-trail. Appropriate fitness, clothing, and gear for off-trail travel is required. Check the weather forecast before the class!

Additional gear (optional) - compass, grid reader, GPS, smartphone, gloves, lunch

Class size - 8

Class time - 0900 - 1600

Cost - $99

Location - Harrison Branch Boat Ramp

                  Directly across from:

                  5033 Calderwood Highway

                  Tallassee, TN 37878

Dates - 

 Saturday, March 28 2020



Land Nav - NOV 16, 2019

Land navigation skills are an essential part of safe wilderness travel. According to an unscientific, non-peer reviewed study of news feeds by the BigPig Outdoors Institute, getting lost is a major contributing factor to wilderness emergencies. Not all those who wander are lost, but if you want to make it home or to another destination, it is best to spend some time honing your navigation skills.

You can learn theory from books and videos, but experience comes from the field. These classes, taught 100% in the field, by an instructor that travels off-trail for both work and play.

Whether your travels keeps you on the trail or take you off the beaten path, these classes will give you the skills, ability, and confidence for your next great adventure.