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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I register and pay for a class? - Just click on the Paypal button for the chosen course. You can also call to register by phone, and pay in person.

Do you teach Survival 101 during warm weather? - Nope. I am a firm believer that Mother Nature is the best teacher. If you are cold, wet, and the wind is blowing, you need the skills to handle those variables. There is no better way to train for them, than to train in them. I can assure you that at times you will get cold, and maybe wet, but also that I will teach you the skillsets necessary to overcome those challenges and Mother Nature's #1 killer. Still hesitant? Then check out the "Skills of Survival" class. 

I am afraid of spending the night in the woods, spiders, snakes, bears, sasquatches, (insert your fear here)? -  Great!! Now that you have admitted it, we can start to address those issues and deal with them during training instead of in the moment. Fear can lead to poor decision making in times of stress, so it is always better to iron those out in training.

I was raised by wolves. If I even look at two sticks, it will start a fire. Will I get anything out of your Survival 101 course? Absolutely. Some of the skills may be old news to you, but the teaching methodology will allow me to custom tailor the challenges to your skill level.

Can I camp on site the night before the class? Yes. Primitive camping is available on Friday night. Contact me for information. 

Are there any hotels nearby for Friday night? Yes. Maryville has a selection of hotels about 25 minutes away.

What kind of facilities do you have on site? Woods, creeks, and mountains. You will be washing up in the creek and pooping in the woods.

I loved the class and want to come back, is there a discount? You bet. Graduates of Survival 101 can return free of charge as long as the class has not reached maximum capacity. Just call and check for availability.

I want to bring my wife, son, daughter, etc. Do you offer a family discount? BPO promotes families experiencing the outdoors together and will gladly work with you based on your family's size. Contact BPO for more information.


I don't have a good knife, firestarter, etc. Where can I buy one? You will be provided with the tools for the class and they are available for purchase afterwards.

I saw pictures of students in the water. I don't like cold water, do I have to get in? I don't like cold water either, but it is a great teacher. I won't make you get in, but I will try to find another creative way to challenge you.

You want me to spend the night out in the woods without a sleeping bag or tent. Won't I get cold? That is entirely up to you. You will learn how to make a warm, dry, comfortable shelter, but it is up to you to put those skills into action. I will guarantee that I will be there along the way to help solve any problems.